'80s Shows You Want To See Rebooted

With so many shows and movies being reimagined and recreated, which '80s shows would you want to see rebooted? Let's be honest, everybody loves and misses something from the '80s—even if you weren't around to experience the eclectic era. From music to television, there were so many great things about the '80s. Moreover, some of the TV shows from the decade ended all too soon, or perhaps it was the '80s that wasn't ready for these awesome shows. Fast forward a few decades and now everyone wants to see some of these classic series rebooted—from hit '80s dramas to top action series.

Of course, plenty of shows have already started (and even completed) their remakes. A few of the best '80s reboots include the upcoming shows Magnum P.I. (based on the original Magnum P.I.) and Murphy Brown. As for the old shows that need remakes, worthy candidates could be CheersGolden Girls, Night Court, and so many more. In short, we've all wanted to see some of our favorites get rebooted—and we'll wait ever impatiently.

What shows from the '80s do you think deserve a reboot? Vote up your picks from the list below. 

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