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The Most Radical '80s Wedding Photos Ever

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Did you know how '80s styles are suddenly all the rage with kids these days? Whether you’re a youngster yourself or have merely witnessed the phenomenon from afar, chances are you’ve seen the slow, steady resurrection of high tops and off-shoulder shirts in current fashion. You can hardly walk through the mall without seeing styles those of us who lived through the 1980s had assumed were defeated a long time ago. Though we stand behind the right of every citizen to drape themselves in whatever garb they please, we have also taken it upon ourselves to compile this collection of '80s wedding photos as a cautionary tale.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with rocking shoulder pads, leggings, or a few choice Flashdance-style throwback threads every once in a while. These photos of weddings from the '80s should illustrate just how horribly wrong '80s fashion can go for those who attempt to utilize it without caution. One moment you’re breezing down the street in a fashionable jumper and the next you find yourself clad in acid wash jeans with bangs as tall as the Sears Tower.

Don’t let it happen to you! Come on in for a look at the worst the '80s had to offer with these hilariously '80s wedding pictures. Here you’ll find an explosion of crimped hair, terrible pastels, and ‘staches run amok. So without further ado, get ready for a blast from the not so fortunate past.

  • 1. Does 'For Better or Worse' Include Richard Simmons Hair?

    Photo: General Hospital / ABC
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  • 2. Not Pictured: The Groom's Sweet Camaro

    Photo: Days of Our Lives / NBC
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  • 3. This Picture Captures The Veil Mid-Bloom

    Photo: Pinterest
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  • 4. A Plethora Of Pastels

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