Weird History Rare, Powerful Photos from September 11, 2001  

start slideshow Mel Judson

For many Americans, there is no single event in modern history as sobering as 9/11, a tragedy was so horrific, it redefined the modern world. If you lived through September 11th, 2001, whether in New York or beyond, you'll likely always remember exactly where you were when you heard the news that a passenger plane had struck the towers.

This horrific event shook Americans to their core and revealed the dangers they faced, but most of all, it brought them together. Americans united to demonstrate their resilience in the face of terrorism; they proved that they wouldn't allow the thousands lost in New York and Washington, DC, perish in vain. 

Several of the following rare 9/11 photos were banned in the early days after the attacks. Others have become iconic 9/11 photos that symbolize the strength of the American people. Here, we honor those who lost their lives in the planes, in the towers themselves, and in the surrounding buildings and devastation. We honor those impossibly brave first responders, many of whom gave their lives in order to save as many others as possible.

For those interested in donating, the FealGood Foundation, started by Ground Zero responder John Feal, advocates for first responders' rights and medical benefits.