The Saddest Futurama Episodes That Legit Made You Cry

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For a show that's supposed to be funny, Futurama sure does have some sad moments. In fact, it's hard to think of any animated show that has ever been as emotional as Futurama, even if you stack it side-by-side with The Simpsons. Hell, the saddest Futurama episodes are probably more likely to make you cry than almost any other show on television, animated or not.

We all know "Jurassic Bark" is super sad, and everyone loves Seymour the dog, but there are at least eight other really sad episodes of Futurama just as likely to make you cry. Take "Game of Tones" for example, in which Philip J. Fry finally reconciles with the loss of his family. Other episodes, like "Leela's Homeworld," give a lot of backstory to characters and really drive their development in the series forward.

Which sad episode of Futurama made you cry like a baby? Vote up the emotional Futurama episodes below that you enjoyed the most.