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The Biggest '90 Day Fiancé' Breakups

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Love is never easy. Especially when you come from different sides of the world. On 90 Day Fiance, international couples have only three months to couple up IRL and tie the knot. Some couples manage to pull it off, but others fail to keep their marriage together for very long.

When 90 Day Fiance couples break up, things can get ugly, and fast. Issues with infidelity and accusations of hidden motives bubble up to the surface when you're living under one roof. The Jonathan and Fernanda breakup was particularly intense, with Fernanda accusing Jonathan of physical abuse. Infamously, Anfisa and Jorge break up after Jorge revealed his criminal record. They’re another one of the biggest 90 Day Fiance breakups. 

Who are the most insane 90 Day Fiance couples? Where are our former lovebirds now?  Keep reading to find out more about these marriages gone wrong. And make sure to cast your vote on which unforgettable 90 Day Fiance breakup is the most newsworthy. It'll be hard to choose, as all of these romances are pretty messed up. May the worst couple win! 

  • Colt & Larissa
    Photo: 90 Day Fiancé / TLC

    Colt & Larissa

    Brazilian mother of three Larissa Dos Santos Lima moved to Las Vegas, NV to be with Colt Johnson, but little did she know Johnson and his mother Debbie were a package deal. The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law got in constant quarrels, adding tension to the already difficult partnership. Things got so bad that Colt filed domestic abuse claims against Lima, for which she was arrested. 

    Season: 6

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  • Jesse & Darcey
    Photo: @darceysilva / Instagram

    Jesse & Darcey

    Very few 90 Day Fiancé couples have argued more than Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva. Originally meeting on a dating app, Meester moved from Amsterdam, Netherlands to be with Silva in Middletown, CT.

    But their tumultous relationship was full of fights, including one where Meester threatened to call the police (this seems to be a theme with bad 90 Day Fiancé breakups). Silva returned to the show after her split with Meester, looking for love with Tom Brooks. Let's just say that didn't end well either. 

    Season90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, season 1

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  • Ashley & Jay
    Photo: 90 Day Fiancé / TLC

    Ashley & Jay

    Ashley Martson and Jay Smith have had a seriously turbulent relationship. Smith moved to Pennsylvania to be with Martson, and the couple had a quick Las Vegas wedding. In April of 2019, Martson filed for divorce. But the two were reportedly chatting each other up again later in October.

    Believe it or not, the two gave their marriage a second chance. But after Smith allegedly got another woman pregnant, their relationship was finished for real. 

    Season: 6

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  • Jason & Cassia
    Photo: 90 Day Fiancé / TLC

    Jason & Cassia

    Jason Hitch filed for divorce from Cassia Tavares on January 30, 2018. However, the pair made up, so he withdrew the petition. It did not last though, as he filed yet again on September 7, 2018. 

    Jason and Cassia had a tumultuous relationship from the start, with the latter calling the police in January 2017 to report domestic violence accusations. Jason was arrested on battery charges, though the case was eventually dropped.

    Jason had also been very defensive of their coupling, telling In Touch Weekly, "She did not come here just to become an American citizen. She had a good life in Brazil. She was about to finish college. She didn't have to marry me."

    Season: 2

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