Who Would Star In ‘Game Of Thrones’ In The ‘90s?

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Vote up the actors you think would have been perfect for a '90s 'Game Of Thrones' series.

Winter has finally come, and the final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. The series has been a cultural phenomenon unlike any television show before it, and it's made superstars out of the cast. It's hard to imagine anyone else playing Jon, Dany, or any of the other titular characters, but it's a fun thought experiment. What if Game of Thrones premiered in '90s, for example? Who would play Ned, or Cersei, or the Night King, or Hodor?

It is likely the cast would have been filled out by British actors, but this is a fantasy list. If you could cast any '90s actor in the world to play Jaimie Lannister, who would you pick? Brad Pitt? Guy Pearce? What is the ideal '90s casting for Game of Thrones?