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Actors Who Peaked In The '90s And Deserve To Make Comebacks

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The 1990s filled Hollywood with groundbreaking special effects, unforgettable classics, and some of the best actors and actresses of all time. Unfortunately, many of the biggest '90s movie stars faded into obscurity like forgotten Tamagotchis. But the only thing Hollywood loves more than a billion-dollar opening weekend is a good comeback story. Robert Downey, Jr. and Michael Keaton emerged as proof to hope for once famous actors from the 1990s. Which '90s stars deserve to make a comeback alongside your house music and flannels? 

Brendan Fraser stands a prime example of actors who peaked in the '90s. Shortly after starring in cult classics like Encino Man and Airheads, Fraser starred in George of the Jungle, Gods and MonstersBlast from the Past, and of course, The Mummy. However, his film career soon faded out like Justin Timberlake's bleached hair. Other top-level actors from the 1990s who merit a shot at superstardom again include Val Kilmer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Wesley Snipes, and John Travolta. Vote for the biggest '90s actors who deserve to make comebacks, and add your favorite Hollywood "hasbeens" to this list. Just remember some actors, like chained wallets, probably should stay in the past.