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Would You Still Hook Up With Your '90s Boy Band Crush Now That He's A Grown Man?

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Forget One Direction. The 90s had a bevy of boy band stars that captured the crush-worthy attention of many a tween and teen alike. You had your *NSYNC, your Backstreet Boys, your New Kids on the Block, among others. Can you cast your mind back to how passionately you crushed on these guys? But here's an interesting question - is your '90s boy band crush still cute?

If you checked out his Instagram, would you still swoon over his good looks? Would you get butterflies as you parsed through his social media, remembering his heavenly voice, sweet dance moves and banging tunes? Look, not all boy band members are created equal, but time has been especially kind to some of these hotties. Check out these members of '90s boy bands now and find out if you would you still hook up with them today. Vote up the ones that relight your fire.