Once-Iconic '90s Brands That Basically Don't Exist Anymore

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If you've ever tried to emulate a look from the '90s, you know that it's actually pretty difficult to achieve '90s fashion today. For starters, you'll need a scrunchie, a sweater around your waist, and a few other bits of '90s flair that are now totally embarrassing. To be truly authentic, you might even go to a shopping mall in hopes of hitting up the local Contempo Casuals. If this is the case, you're in for a big disappointment; Contempo Casuals is just one of the beloved '90s brands that don't exist anymore.

Many '90s brands that went out of business were, for a time, the height of fashion. Despite their success, none of these brands are as ubiquitous as they once were, and the reason for their departure varies. Some companies were never able to recover from a change in management and were forced to close up shop as interest dwindled. Other brands have attempted comebacks, and while some have been successful, none of the rebooted brands feel anything like they did in the '90s.