The Most Replayed Saturday Morning Cartoons of the '90s  

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In the 90s, Saturday mornings were a respite from the pains of every day life. There wasn’t any homework, there was no bedtime, and the TV was crawling with awesome cartoons, unless it was the summer, and then you had to deal with the dreaded rerun. Rational thought suggests that reruns should happen in the order that the series was originally aired, but oh no dear reader, television programmers don’t play by the rules of man. Instead, they would re-air whatever episode was easiest to put on and that usually meant replaying the same episode multiple times, and in some instances that meant that the youth of the nation would see the same episode of X-Men upwards of 50 times.

We’ve catalogued some of the most replayed episodes in Saturday morning history, why don’t you take a look at our list and see if matches with your memory.

Full disclosure, we’re not TV scientists so don’t sue us if our calculations are off, but the episodes on this list are the ones that we remember being replayed until they didn’t matter anymore. We saw some of these episodes so many times that they actually made us want to go outside and use our imaginations for once. Can you think of doing anything worse on a Saturday morning?

Vote on which episode of a Saturday morning show you remember playing the most, and if there was an installment of your favorite show that you think got too much TV time, let us know in the comments.
Night of the Sentinels (Part 2) - X-Men
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Night of the Sentinels Part 2 is only the second episode of the seminal Saturday morning cartoon, X-Men but it was aired like the cure for cancer was hidden in the animation.

The crux of the episode is that fan favorite/character basically created to die is supposedly killed by Sentinels, throwing Wolverine into an existential crisis. Fun stuff. 
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When an episode of your animated kids show wins an Emmy you've got to show it off as much as possible right? WRONG! Heart of Ice might be one of the episode of Batman: The Animated Series that proves that cartoons are capable of giving characters pathos, but it also proved that we could really bored of Mr. Freeze really fast. 

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Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow - Tiny Toon Adventures
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With so many episodes of Tiny Toons put into production you'd think that a re-run wouldn't be an option.

Well if you thought that you'd be wrong, because Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow, the episode featuring Elmyra (Looney Tunes WORST character) kidnapping Buster aired possibly more than actual episodes produced for the show. 
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The episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that put us off eating pizza with meatballs for ever (seriously who does that?).

When Shredder switches out the turtles meatballs with some weird alien eggs from Dimension X, the turtles must battle the Xenomorph-like creatures that hatch from the eggs in order to save the city.
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