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'90s Cartoon Tattoos

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Cartoons today just aren’t the same. If you’ve ever found yourself staring at those new computer-generated characters in horror, you’re not alone. Gone are the good old days when real cartoons roamed the screen; those happy golden years of belching, hand-drawn figures. If you long for the cartoons of yesteryear, join us as we celebrate a collection of overly-enthusiastic folks who took their love of the best ‘90s cartoons to the extreme. You guessed it! We assembled a list of the wildest and wackiest ‘90s cartoon tattoos!

Meet a group of ‘90s kids who never got over that joy of that wonderful decade, and have the ink to prove it. This bunch boldly looked today’s educational programming in the face and said, “Nay. For us there shall be no learning of colors or counting of numbers, but instead: reruns that celebrate true heroes, like a bold little Chihuahua named Ren and his frequently flatulent friend, Stimpy!”

If you’re ready to eschew today’s cartoons, with their alphabet memorization and nursery rhyme nonsense, look no further than to the ideals of Turtle Power and DuckTales that form the very foundations of television. And so it is in their honor that we launch forth into the bold world of ‘90s cartoon tats.