21 Super Random Cartoons From The '90s You Completely Forgot Existed

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The 1990s featured some of the most memorable cartoons ever made, and the people who grew up watching them still remember them fondly. This was the decade that produced shows like Animaniacs, Rugrats, Batman: The Animated Series, Arthur, and so much more. While there are plenty of shows that people remember with nostalgia, there are just as many that folks would prefer to have forgotten.

Not every series can go on to become a pop-cultural touchstone like Gargoyles or The Powerpuff Girls. There are plenty of stinkers cluttering up dusty bins of VHS tapes at your local flea market. While there may be some fans who disagree with the selections on this list, these toons are the ones hardly anyone is nostalgic about these days. Most people just forgot they existed. Check through the list and vote up your (least) favorite to see which stinker floats to the top.