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21 Super Random Cartoons From The '90s You Completely Forgot Existed

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The 1990s featured some of the most memorable cartoons ever made, and the people who grew up watching them still remember them fondly. This was the decade that produced shows like Animaniacs, Rugrats, Batman: The Animated Series, Arthur, and so much more. While there are plenty of shows that people remember with nostalgia, there are just as many that folks would prefer to have forgotten.

Not every series can go on to become a pop-cultural touchstone like Gargoyles or The Powerpuff Girls. There are plenty of stinkers cluttering up dusty bins of VHS tapes at your local flea market. While there may be some fans who disagree with the selections on this list, these toons are the ones hardly anyone is nostalgic about these days. Most people just forgot they existed. Check through the list and vote up your (least) favorite to see which stinker floats to the top.

  • Though its title suggests this show is all about a group of stunt-performing canines, it is actually about a group of stunt performers, who are sadly human. They do have a bulldog alongside them on their adventures, and his name is "Human," which sort of works to poke fun at the series title. The series is based on a comic book of the same name.

    The show held together for two years, and managed to put out 40 episodes in Canada and the United States. It's somewhat like Scooby-Doo in that it features a group of youngish people going about solving problems heroically. The twist revolves around the fact that they are all stunt performers - but other than that and a catchy theme song, there isn't much that is noteworthy about the show.

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    Created in 1994, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors was a popular 2D fighting game that spawned further games, comic books, and an anime miniseries. It also led to 1995's Darkstalkers, a forgotten cartoon of the mid-'90s.

    Based on the first game, the cartoon consisted of 13 episodes that aired between September and December 1995. It was made for a young audience, which meant the action and racy nature of the games was sanded down to make it palatable for an American audience. Massive changes were made to the many complex subplots of the original story, and the show suffered as a result. 

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    MTV had a lot of animated series airing on the network in the '90s, most of which were aimed at young adults, and some of which were pretty awful. The worst of the bunch was probably The Brothers Grunt, which premiered in 1994 and was canceled the following year. Only 12 episodes were ever made, and there aren't many people who remember this strange series.

    The show revolves around a group of rubbery, yellow-eyed humanoids named Frank, Tony, Bing, Dean, and Sammy. They only ever wear underpants, eat cheese as their favorite meal, and live in a monastery in the wilderness. Ostensibly, the show was about the Grunts searching for their lost brother, Perry.

    The show was met with negative reviews and has since been forgotten by most who suffered through watching it.

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    CBS released an animated series called Fish Police in 1992, which proved to be horribly unpopular. The series was based on the comics of the same name, and was canceled after only three of its six episodes made it to air. CBS execs apparently hoped the show could compete with Fox's The Simpsons, which was a ratings giant at the time.

    The series was mature for an animated show of its era, and perhaps that was its downfall. Was there ever an audience for Fish Police's brand of mild profanity and innuendo? The show was based around Inspector Gil, a private detective who acted and looked much like the ones depicted during the film noir period.

    Despite its modern-day obscurity, the show included an impressive cast of vocal talent, including Ed Asner, Tim Curry, Buddy Hackett, Megan Mulally, JoBeth Williams, Jonathan Winters, and the ubiquitous Frank Welker.

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