'90s Celebrities You Should Be Following on Instagram

You knew them, you loved them, and back in the day, many of them were your first crushes. But great news! These icons from the '90s are all on Instagram. Celebrity Instagram accounts are some of the most entertaining profiles on Instagram and '90s celebs have some of the best. Some celebrities from the '90s did well and exceeded their nineties fame, while others fell off the map a bit. But rest assured, Instagram levels the playing field for everyone. Which of these celebrities with Instagram has the coolest, funniest, and hottest account of all your favorite '90s stars?

Say hello to David Duchonvy (a.k.a. Agent Mulder), and follow along with boy banders like Justin Timberlake and Taylor Hanson. Dig into prolific social media and style maven Courtney Love’s page, and enlighten yourself spiritually by catching up with Andrew Keegan – yep, the 10 Things I Hate About You star has started his own religion!

If your Instagram feed is sorely lacking on the nostalgia front check out these celebrities' Instagram accounts for some serious throwback '90s fun. There's no time like the present to let these celebs know what they meant to you back in the day, so upvote the '90s celebrities with the best Instagram accounts below and be sure to follow them all!

Photo: Instagram / Instagram