Look: Every Fast Food Restaurant Looked Better in the '90s

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One of the best things about fast food is that no matter when or where you eat it, whatever you’re eating always tastes the same. A Big Mac in 2016 tastes just like a Big Mac in 1996, and it’s probably going to taste like a Big Mac in 2026. But the one thing about fast food that does change are the fast food restaurant interiors of your favorite late night jams. Every decade or so the décor of a fast food restaurant changes to suit the times, but after you see these pictures of '90s fast food restaurants you’ll agree that interior designers should have thrown up their hands and quit, knowing that they could do no better. If you don’t believe it, take a trip down memory lane and discover why every fast food restaurant looked better in the '90s.

Whether you prefer to eat Tex-Mex, or you’re an all-American, there’s something for everyone on this list of fast food restaurant pictures from the '90s. One thing you’re going to notice is that for most of the '90s restaurants went for a type of fast food localism that separated themselves from their competitors, only to give that up in favor of a streamlined modernism that kind of makes all of the restaurants look the same. The various festive neon colors that once signaled whether you were going to be chowing down on a BK Kids Meal or a heaping plate of Nachos Bell Grande all but disappeared, to be replaced by brushed aluminum to which we should all say “BOO!”