Hilarious '90s Frozen Food Mascots You Forgot About Till Now

Were there any more comforting figures in your youth than the mascots of your favorite frozen foods? If you answered yes then you had a much more stable life than most '90s kids, but you’re also talking out loud to your computer so it’s pretty much a wash. Other than being on the front of a box of a frozen food item, there’s not a through-line for all of these mascots. Some of them are cartoons, some are old men, and at least one of them is a full-on modern art piece. More than likely you don’t remember the hottest '90s frozen food mascots, so this list is here to remind you about all the wonderful frozen food characters that made your life in the good old 1990s 100% better.

Whether you were a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget fan, or you told time in the summer by how many Otter Pops you ate, there were at least a few different frozen food mascots that you looked to satiate you’re the growling in your stomach. And since this was the '90s, your stomach was probably growling to the tune of “Two Princes.” Throughout the '90s, some of these frozen food mascots spoke to us all, some of them probably made you feel weird (specifically Popsicle Pete), and they were all so, so '90s.

Photo: YouTube

  • K.C. Penguin

    K.C. Penguin
    Photo: YouTube
    The Kid Cuisine Penguin was a staple of ~'90s lifestyle~. He's always been there, on the box of wildly affordable frozen food, waving to you and saying, "Everything's going to be okay, just remember to cut a slit in the plastic."
  • Daffy Duck
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    Thank goodness Tyson was able to get Daffy Duck to rep their gross food, he's the only cartoon character with the necessary amount of detached irony who could hock frozen meatloaf while still being cool.
  • Eggoman

    Photo: YouTube
    With his red arms, legs, and a disturbing lack of eyes, Eggoman was the perfect mascot for Eggo. It was as if the company was saying, "We don't need to shove a goofy mascot down your throat, if you want waffles you'll be coming to us."
  • Captain Birdseye

    Captain Birdseye
    Photo: YouTube
    Captain Birdseye, or Captain Iglo - it doesn't matter what you call him, just as long as you know that he's a salty old sea dog that wants you to nosh on a healthy, vaguely ethnic, frozen meal.
  • Jolly Green Giant
    Photo: YouTube
    Sometime in the '90s the Jolly Green Giant had a son who spent most of his ad time talking to various cartoon animals. It was kind of like Ferngully if Ferngully sold corn niblets.
  • Otter Pop Otters

    Otter Pop Otters
    Photo: YouTube
    The Otter Pop Otters are very cool characters. No one knows what they do (they might be in a band?), but it doesn't really matter because Otter Pops are delicious.