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14 Impossibly Hard '90s Games No Kid Today Could Beat

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Vote up the '90s video games that are basically impossible to beat if you were born after 1998.

The gaming industry has evolved dramatically over the past few decades, morphing video games into experiences that are vastly different from their early predecessors. One thing that has noticeably changed, though, is the fact that games are now much easier than they ever used to be. Kids today have no idea just how tough titles on the likes of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) could be and there are some truly super difficult games from the '90s that they would not even be able to imagine playing through today.

That decade saw many titles that were practically impossible to beat with normal means. Some of the hardest video games from the '90s to finish would punish players in a number of unforgiving ways. Many had no save feature to back-up your progress, whilst others would instantly kill you and send you back to the start of a level if you so much as touched an enemy.

With the exception of a select few examples like Dark Souls and Super Meat Boy, today’s games just don’t pack the same challenge. Take a look at these video games from the '90s no kid today could beat and see if you agree. Remember to vote up the ones you think are the most difficult to complete.