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'90s Greats Making the Best Music Today

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List RulesBand must still be together and have made at least one new album since 2018. Solo projects, archival releases, or greatest hits don't count.

A list of 90s greats making the best music today. While many of their contemporaries have either fallen to the wayside or split up, these 90s musical artists are managing to go strong nearly 20 years after they first broke onto the musical landscape. These musicians have defied logic and have released music within the past few years, some continuing strong, and others trying to make a last-grasp comeback, while drumming up interest in their music as a nostalgia tactic. This includes many of the musicians are considered to be the greatest artists of the 90s. This doesn't include 90s greats who currently tour because while they may be prominent on that front, touring without a new album doesn't mean they are making new music today. 

At or near the top are some of the biggest artists of the decade. Recognizable bands like Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Foo Fighters are among the most reliable groups in music today. They consistently release new material that manage to remain at or near the band's standard of excellence. Also, these bands manage to sell out arenas and stadiums across the globe, which is a testament to their staying power and ability to churn out great new songs. There are rappers on here, like Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, along with electronic acts like The Chemical Brothers. In case you were wondering, even boy bands are on here, since after all, they were considered greats at one point to a certain generation of pre-teens and teens during the 1990s. 

Take a look at this list of 90s greats making the best music today. Remember, only include bands who have made new music this decade. If they've been dormant, there's no need to add them to list. The same goes for greatest hits collections, they don't count. But if you notice someone who is missing, feel free to him, her or them. Vote or rerank the list according to who you think is still making great music among the 90s greats out there. 
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