Halloween Costumes You Definitely Wore If You Were A Kid In The '90s

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Halloween costumes kids wore in the '90s and the following decades occupy a special place in your heart right next to Tamagotchis and Tommy Hilfiger. Ironically enough, the decade everyone feared might be the last not only made it past Y2K, it continues to influence culture as it is today. Even 20 years later, popular '90s costumes still pop up at costume parties and in Instagram posts, revealing that nostalgia, like a zombie, never dies. If anything, it only gets stronger the more your favorite '90s kids shows and trends fade into the background of pop culture. The '90s costumes every kid wore became today's #ThrowbackThursday post, a way for millennials to reminisce over the glory days of Nickelodean and ruffled skirts.

The very best '90s Halloween costumes send you write back to '99, just like an episode of Timecop. Many base themselves off of the best '90s cartoon characters, while others draw inspiration from classic '90s films. No matter their inspiration, all these '90s costumes do the decade proud, and remind everyone that past looks can always make a comeback. Unless it's bleached hair, that is.