'90s Beauty Brands That Remind You of Your Childhood

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90s cosmetic brands that take you right back to the days of Clueless, Boy Bands, and an unhealthy amount of body glitter.

It's all your favorite 90s makeup brands, collected in one place. Do you remember when and where you used some of these classic 90s cosmetics? Take a trip down memory lane with these unforgettable beauty products that had our Caboodle packed and ready to go. These 90s products had every young girl looking like Char and Britney, with body glitter galore and endless lip gloss choices.

Although some of these 90s products seem silly and out of date, quite a few of them are still prospering in the new millennium. Who could go without using Lip Smackers lip balm? Kids today still love the stuff! Unfortunately they still don't taste as good as they smell.

From scrunchies to chic and sparkly eyeshadows, the 90s were rich with memorable, nostalgic, beauty options to make every 90s teen extra glam. What are the best 90s makeup products? Cast your votes below and don't forget the hair mascara for your next girls' night.
Most divisive: Manic Panic
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  • Colorful collectibles that defined who you were as a person in the 90s.
  • Butterfly Clips
    1,368 votes
    The massive amounts of butterfly clips that would be applied to one's hair represented how cool you were.
  • Scrunchies
    1,364 votes
    Miss these suckers?
  • Herbal Essences
    1,259 votes
    Still fairly popular today, but it made a big impact in the olden days. 
  • Wet n Wild
    1,248 votes
    Hey, they're still going strong these days.
  • Body Glitter
    1,261 votes
    Nothing like a hard night of partying and waking up the next day for school with your remaining body glitter on your face.