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'90s Movies Fan Theories

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You can't beat the nostalgic butterflies every millennial gets from their favorite '90s films. Today, people still find inspiration from Cher Horowitz's Clueless fashion, have a terrible tendency to yell "What's in the box?" at the Amazon delivery person, and regularly contemplate whether they'd take the red or blue pill from The Matrix. One thing remains clear: the creators of these '90s fan theories have all swallowed the red one (or are desperately trying to choke it down).

These crazy fan theories attempt to unveil the truth in beloved films - whether an outrageous '90s sci-fi flick or a lighthearted Disney cartoon. Nothing in the '90s is what it seems: the lovable, dopey cop in Scream doubles as a criminal mastermind; the sadistic Sid from Toy Story grows up to be virtuous and kind; and the hunky pauper on the ill-fated Titanic was actually saving the world.