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Fans Noticed Plot Holes From '90s Movies That Have Us Rethinking Our Nostalgia

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The '90s were an undeniably fun era for movies. While there were of course some duds, the 1990s contained the release of some great films that are now considered by many film enthusiasts to be classics. However, there are many '90s movie plot holes that did not go unnoticed. 

These plot holes in '90s movies were pointed out by Redditors and it may be hard to look at some of these films in the same way again after reading them. Check out what faults audiences noticed in your favorite movies below and don't forget to vote.

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    The Planes Shouldn't Be Circling Around In 'Die Hard 2'

    One of the only action movies that may be almost as universally celebrated as Die Hard is its first sequel. However, Redditor TheGlennDavid is adamant about the fact that the plane featured in the movie had enough fuel to not circle around for hours like it does:

    The idea that you can have planes circling Dulles for over an hour that 'don't have enough fuel to reach another airport. National is 40 f****** miles away.

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    Lector Doesn't Have Enough Security In 'The Silence Of The Lambs'

    The Silence of the Lambs is perhaps best known for providing the introduction to the infamous movie villain, Hannibal Lector. Lector is a disturbed cannibal who is locked up, but a former Redditor brings up an interesting point in regards to the security in the prison where Lector is kept:

    Lector is so dangerous they have to put him in a fortified gym surrounded by the military (ironically with their guns facing out). But to watch over him day-to-day INSIDE the gym they assign two doddering geriatric security guards who he easily overpowers and kills to make his escape.

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    Is It Possible For The Fight Club To Exist Without Durden?

    Fight Club is a classic tale of transgressive fiction that is beloved by many. Any fan of Fight Club is aware of the major twist ending, that reveals that lead character Tyler Durden was actually a figment of the narrator's imagination. Redditor DrJackl3 points out a major plot hole involving the twist ending:

    Why the f*** would anyone join the fight club when it's just one dude punching himself in a parking lot.

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    Buzz Suddenly Acts Like A Toy In 'Toy Story'

    Toy Story is definitely a fan favorite when it comes to Disney films. However, Redditor USCplaya notices something a bit off in about some behavior Buzz Lightyear displays in the first film:

    In Toy Story, Buzz thinks he is a real space ranger and Not a toy. However anytime Andy or another person comes into the room he freezes and acts like a toy... Obviously it is not an involuntary response because they come to life in front of Sid.

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