Which Classic '90s Nicktoon Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

There are few things greater than the Nickelodeon cartoons of the '90s (and that includes the fan art of that era's toons). With such dynamic personalities as CatDog, SpongeBob, Phil, Lil, or any of the Real Monsters, there's undoubtedly a '90s Nicktoon character for each Zodiac sign. As a child, you may have idolized some of these animated heroes, or in the case of emotive Cancers and the like, at least held a soft spot for such softies. 

Of course, Zodiac signs are complex and often debatable, in terms of which traits any given sign are more defining than others, and these can often be quite vague, making them applicable to any number of individuals. The point is, if you disagree with which characters represent which signs, it's probably because they're quite fluid, but you can always consult this other list of all '90s cartoon characters and their respective astrological signs.

  • Aries are the unequivocal leaders of the pack. They take charge and usually lead their followers to triumphant achievement of their goal. And these aren't piddly goals. Aries pursue large, grandiose goals, making them the pioneers of astrology.

    Tommy Pickles is nothing if not an adventurous pioneer. Tommy, the head baby from Rugrats, is the captain of the playpen pals. His pioneering spirit is regularly on display as he uses his toy screwdriver to bust the babies out of their enclosure. He leads his fellows on an adventure in every episode - that's pretty much the entire premise of the show actually. 

  • Tauruses really like nice things and want to be surrounded by them. They are the most materialistic of the zodiac, and they are, of course, stubborn as hell. This means they want what they want and they will get what they want, no matter what.

    Oblina of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters comes from a very wealthy family, and as such, is used to the finer things in life. She is driven to be the best monster as she covets the toe nails with which the monsters are rewarded for their human scaring. That's materialism at its most disgusting.

  • Geminis love to talk, and talk, and talk some more. This astrological sign is represented by the twins due to the dichotomous nature of Geminis, but who better to represent this sign than the actual (cartoon) twins of Nickelodeon, Phil and Lil? Phil and Lil are definitely the talkers of the Rugrats gang, although that usually comes in the form of them arguing with one another. But, despite the occasional sibling spat, these two depend on each other, making them both perfect representations of Gemini.

  • Cancers value, above all else, family and home, which are one in the same in their minds. They are nurturing and emotional, enjoying nothing more than honoring communal traditions. SpongeBob loves celebrating milestones with his pet snail Gary. He loves taking care of his friends Patrick, Sandy, and even Squidward (whether or not he's actually a competent caretaker). He values the people in his life more than anything, and wishes to spend every waking moment building those relationships. 

  • Leos want ot  be the center of attention. More than that, they want to be the center of the universe. While Leos are often self-centered, that doesn't mean they're unpleasant. Although, it sometimes does.

    Otto Rocket from Rocket Power is an exemplary representation of Leo because he believes himself to be an elite athlete. He is very ambitious in his drive to be the best and, more importantly, be recognized as the best in extreme sports. He often learns that he should value friendship more than recognition, yet he just as often reverts to his natural inclination to be celebrated for his greatness.

  • Virgos are the scientists of the zodiac. They want nothing more than to uncover the mysteries of the universe, learning as much as possible, and to share that knowledge with mankind. Nigel Thornberry is the consummate researcher, so dedicated to the sciences (mostly zoology) that he he takes his entire family into the wilderness to live and study every element of the world around them. It is his love of discovery that drives and excites him, and he passed that on to his daughter, Eliza.