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All The Things '90s Kids Did In School That Make No Sense To Teenagers Now

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As every generation of parents discovers, the education kids get today is vastly different compared to going to school two decades ago. Technology is the key factor behind how '90s schools differed from today's schools, as both students and teachers have access to computers, tablets, and other tools in the classroom kids couldn't have imagined in the '90s. Those who went to school during the time of computer labs and graphing calculators had a far different experience to modern children who may have to turn in their cell phones when they enter classes.

Everything was completely different, from the school lunches students had to put up with to the cool school supplies they got to show off in class. For modern kids wondering how school has changed since the '90s, comments from this Reddit thread will show how times have changed while giving older millennials a healthy dose of nostalgia.

  • Research Took A Lot More Work

    From Redditor /u/GarlicAftershave:

    On the true downside, we didn't have anywhere near the instantaneous access to information that we're so inured to today. Library card catalogs, magazine article indexes on CD-ROM, clipping services... now as obsolete as kerosene lanterns, but they were how people found data at the time.

    Now it's hard to imagine wondering idly about something without being able to look it up in a matter of seconds. Dial-up... can you even? I shudder to think.

  • Cereal Boxes Were A School Resource

    From Redditor /u/coffeebeard1:

    Collecting box tops for school and getting nothing for it.

  • Reading Books Got You Free Pizza

    From Redditor /u/PatrickRsGhost:

    I remember doing BookIt! back in the 1980s. The buttons were those lenticular printing buttons, that when you moved the button back and forth, the book opened and closed. You had to get up to five stars, and when you got the fifth star, I think you got a free large one-topping pizza.

  • Instant Messenger Was Essential

    From a Redditor:

    [I remember] chatting on AOL/AIM for hours after school.