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90s 12 X-Tremely 90s Moments From That Sizzler Commercial  

Jordan Bates
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So, about that Sizzler promotional commercial from 1991? It's prettaaaay, prettaaay, great. So what? So these gifs of the most '90s things from the Sizzler commercial. It's about as '90s as it gets. What does that even mean? I don't know, why don't you take a look at these gifs and find out. That Sizzler promotional commercial might as well be a time capsule from the '90s. A magic decade where people listened to "music" and drove "cars." There were also a lot of "movies" in the 90s.

Check out the video on YouTube here.

Sizzler... they make a bodacious steak. Cowabunga. Nobody is going to argue with that. But who knew they made such X-TREME 90s commercials?! Nobody did. Until now.

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