Incredible '90s Slang You (Almost) Forgot About

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If you grew up in the 1990s, odds are that in between playing Pogs or watching reruns of 90210, you were telling your mom to "talk to the hand" and that her cooking was Da Bomb... Not! Looking back, slang from the 90s involved giving people a lot of attitude and tricking them. (Sike!) The best 90s slang are the words that you and your friends said all the time, but you would never be caught dead saying these days. This list of the best slang from the 90s and most awesome 90s lingo will really take you back. 

Even though words like "rad" and "anyways" are still said today by some, they are considered slang of the 90s because of their prominence in pop culture at the time. A lot of top 90s slang words like "Whatever!" and "Cut. It. Out" trickled down from movies and TV shows (hello, Clueless and Full House).

Some 90s jargon came directly from songs that were popular at the time, like "Scrubs" and "Whoomp, There It Is." Read this list to reacquaint yourself with popular 90s slang words and vote on your favorites. If there are great 90s slang sayings/words that you remember that are not on the list, go ahead and add them too. Okay nineties folks, late!

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    My Bad

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    Alrighty Then

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    No Duh