The Best Slow Dance Songs from Every '90s School Dance

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Let's set the mood for this list of '90s slow jam high school dance songs: It’s your first dance. The lights go down, and everyone is stuck against the gymnasium wall. No matter what the book says, there are no perks to being a wallflower. Something needs to happen to get everybody grooving. You can’t do it with the chicken dance, and everyone hates the limbo. Every DJ worth his salt knows the one sure thing to get any party started is a slow jam from the '90s. You can’t fight it, so you might as well give in. No matter what you do, these songs make are going to make you a slave to the rhythm, and you’ll be out on the dance floor until ten minutes past curfew. Try and not get freaky while you check out this list of the ultimate '90s slow dance songs.

Admit it, you can’t resist dancing and singing along to songs like “Pony,” “No Diggity,” and “Are You That Somebody.” When those beats hit the speakers, it’s humanly impossible to not bust even the smallest of grooves. If the tracks on this list don’t at least make you bob your head then you may need to get your pulse checked - no anti-R&B zombies up in here. Why are you still reading this when there’s a list of '90s top dance hits percolating for you after the jump?

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