'90s Snacks From Your Childhood You Had No Idea You Can Still Buy

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It's true that not all of our favorite goodies from the '90s have survived into the 21st century, but there are plenty of nostalgic snacks you can still enjoy today. Some of the snacks all '90s kids will remember have to be ordered from Amazon, but many of those teal and turquoise treats still pop up on shelves in retailers like Walmart and Target too. Some of these nibbles are still considered to the best snacks from the 1990s, but others haven't fared so well.

Growing up back then meant alternative music, angst, and Dunkaroos all day, every day – and now you can relive some of those moments with these '90s snacks from your childhood. So, check out the list below and make note of your very favorites, or run out right now and buy up all the stock of Ring Pops you can find.

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