Stars From The '90s Whose Social Media Game Is Still Going Strong

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For people who grew up during the 1990s, pop culture stars seemed so much larger than life. We saw them on the big screen or in our living rooms on TV, and heard them on our CD players, but if we wanted to learn more about them, we had to turn to gossip magazines that were a month late with news. We devoured tidbits that shows like E! shared, and waited patiently for our dial-up connection to AOL so we could see the hottest star of the day with their guard down eating lunch.

Now we have social media. Stars update their fans with the minutiae of their day on Twitter and Instagram. We can see what they had for lunch and hear their thoughts on the latest hit movies and shows. And it's not just modern stars. Many of the people who were stars in the '90s are going strong on social media today.