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The Absolute Worst Things Superheroes Wore in the '90s

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We've all cycled through the old photo albums and cringed at what we thought was high fashion at the time. JNCO jeans, jellies, and high-waisted pants are all fashion hallmarks of the 1990s that we wouldn't be caught dead wearing today! Lucky for us, superheroes are no exception! Ranker Comics has gathered up twenty of the absolute worst things that superheroes of the '90s wore!

Maybe it's because comic book fashion was looking to reinvent itself. Maybe it's because a more modern age required a more realistic fashion. Hell, maybe it's just because comic book artists aren't fashion designers! Regardless of the reason, the 1990s saw a massive influx of terrible superhero costumes that were squashed by the end of the century.

Part of them go hand and hand with the comics boom - like bell bottoms go with disco. Yet with some, you can see the germs of ideas from artists trying to make superhero costumes look more modern and less like spandex one-pieces. I mean, it makes sense that someone like Daredevil or Batman would wear some armor, right? And, sure, the Punisher is definitely the kind of guy that wears a trench coat all the time! 

So strap on way too many guns and don your shiny bikini, Ranker Comics is taking you back to the '90s! The music was grunge, the coffee was Starbucks, and the fashion was awful enough to make you want to hide in the Batcave forever! Sorry, '90s Dark Knight! Vote up the worst '90s superhero costumes that make even the good guys look really bad.

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    Photo: DC Comics
    Like a teenager avoiding the barber, superheroes' hair slowly got longer and more feathered. Even the Man of Steel's normal Don Draper-look grew and cascaded down to cape level. Comics usually reflect the style cultures of the time, but this is one terrible haircut that is forever sealed in the color pages. 
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    Photo: Marvel Comics
    Don't think that just the girls were rocking the skimpy outfits. Guys were baring more and more skin as the decade went on. Besides sporting those midriff-barring cut-off sweatshirts during their off hours, Thor probably got the worst costume revamp of them all. 
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    Photo: Marvel Comics
    Some artists get blamed for this more than others (sorry, Rob Liefeld), but pretty much every artist who worked on the X-Men titles during the '90s added one hundred pouches too many. Belts weren't just for keeping those spandex pants up, they were to hold the forty pouches filled with who-knows-what around your waist. They even started to find their ways onto thighs, boots, and suspenders. 
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    Lines All Over Their Faces

    Photo: Image Comics
    To be fair, it wasn't just Rob Liefled who is guilty of this. Almost every single popular artist in the '90s cross-hatched the hell out of everyone's face. Sure, stacked against the artists of the '70s and '80s, it looked like the image was more detailed. But those clean, slick lines were banished to the gutters for filling every inch of page with tiny little tick marks. 
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