'90s Talk Show Hosts: Then and Now

Before “reality” TV was king, we had good old chair-throwing, baby daddy-finding out, wrasslin' with your mama daytime talk shows. Ah, those were the days. When you could smell the dirty laundry for miles as talk show hosts donned turtlenecks or red glasses and dumped fresh drama at our doorsteps every day, five, sometimes six days a week. You knew them well, your favorite 1990s daytime talk show hosts, but where are they today?

Geraldo got his nose broken, Jerry had to hire some bouncers, Maury helped people figure out where to send Father’s Day cards, and Montel helped people pick up the pieces. Jenny made you over. Whoopi channeled her inner Barbara Walters. And Oprah managed to emerge unscathed from this shifty era as Queen of All Things. You get a mansion! And YOU get a mansion! But what became of the kinds and queens of '90s daytime talk?

Some of these television hosts have gone on to great things, while others have preferred to stay out of the limelight. Take a look at these '90s TV stars in their daytime heydays, and see what they're up to now!