TV 12 Things That Happened in Every '90s Sitcom  

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No matter what period of time you’re looking at, there have always been TV clichés of some sort. The '90s was a great time for entertainment, but let’s be honest, there were some overplayed things in all '90s movies and TV shows that, upon reflection, seem rather ridiculous. These common scenarios haven’t aged particularly well, but that’s what makes them hilarious to look back on all these years later.

Whether it was quicksand, the most common environmental danger of the '90s, or the expertly made treehouses everyone had in their backyard, these television cliches skewed an entire generation's sense of reality. If you are just now getting over your fear of going to a party where the punch is spiked, read this list and vote up the '90s cliches you totally remember. 
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Neighbors Are a Massive Part Of Life

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Many of us barely know our neighbors' names and if we do, our interaction is limited to small talk about the weather as we scurry into our homes. Not on '90s sitcoms, though. Back then, not only were neighbors constantly popping up in your crib, they were usually annoying, like Waldo on Family Matters and Kimmy Gibbler on Full House. Jazz was the pesky guy who always showed up on Fresh Prince on Bel-Air, though technically he wasn’t a neighbor.

Even when the neighbor isn’t a nuisance they’re still always around. From Wilson on Home Improvement to Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World, there seemed to be no escaping one’s neighbors.
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Someone Spikes The Punch At a Party

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Everyone probably remembers this one: at a party on Family Matters, Urkel drinks some spiked punch and gets so lit that he invents a dance, then winds up hanging from a ledge trying not to plummet to his death. It happens to everyone, right?

This was the stuff that made kids not want to have so much as a sip of beer well into adulthood. Full House did it when Kimmy Gibbler drank so much at a frat party that she would’ve drove drunk had DJ not taken her keys.
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House Parties With Hundreds Of People in A Massive Home

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These gutsy characters loved to throw parties that were nothing like the kickbacks the majority of people experienced in high school that featured a single digit number of people.

One memorable party was when Laura’s friend on Family Matters, Maxine, throws a massive party on a rooftop. It's such an extravagant, baller shindig that it’s hard to believe a teenager would have the means of making it happen, but alas, we saw this fairly regularly on '90s sitcoms.

There was also the my-parents-are-out-of-town ordeal in which a character throws a party, has their house crammed full of destructive monsters who break their mom’s vase or whatever, then they’d inevitably have to try to clean up before they returned, or worse, they’d get caught in the act of partying.
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The Person In Opening Credits Who Is Busy Doing Something, But Looks Up At Camera To Smile

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Why was this a thing? Nobody knows, but it most certainly was a thing. The intro of several '90s shows featured the cast being shown doing something – folding clothes, reading a magazine, getting hit in the head with a basketball – whatever. Then, they’d stop whatever they were doing, look directly into the camera and flash the cheesiest of smiles.

This was the best part of that viral "Too Many Cooks" video from a few years back.