The Beautifully Drawn True Crime Trading Cards From The '90s Were An Instant Outrage

There are many who find the world of true crime appealing, as is evidenced by the sales of socks emblazoned with Charles Manson’s face, jewelry with charms referencing Ted Bundy and other quirky true crime gifts.

Such memorabilia was once a pipe dream, with newspaper clippings or clandestine chat rooms filled with like-minded people taking its place. That changed in January 1992 when Eclipse Enterprises announced the release of trading cards featuring convicted felons. Fans of the macabre rejoiced while the families of victims made their outrage public.

Amid attempts to ban sales and constant negative media attention, Eclipse successfully peddled millions of the cards before taking them out of print. Even so, any collectors willing to spend a little can still purchase them on sites such as Amazon and eBay.