Unspeakable Times

15 CIA Torture Conspiracies

The release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program, AKA the Torture Report (T-Report), turned the stomachs of many Americans. The report contained descriptions of human rights violations, including unauthorized confinement, beatings, the withholding of food and water, and other horrors - all done to people floating in a quasi-POW status. Though released in 2014, there are many instances of the CIA conducting systematic harm throughout American history as well. 

The CIA conspiring to harm people - or at the very least, conspiring to flout human rights conventions - is nothing new. Conflicts since the dawn of the Cold War have been studded with brutal CIA-taught techniques, slayings, extraditions, and unconstitutional tactics. And the CIA is almost certainly still doing it, under a name and directive that won't be known for years.

These CIA conspiracies and government plots and little-known facts have shocked US citizens over the years. Upvote the most appalling, shocking, and despicable CIA cases detailed below, and be warned, a few are truly nauseating.