Britney Spears Just Told The World How Bad The Conservatorship Really Is

The hashtag #FreeBritney has been trending on Twitter periodically for the last few years. What does it all mean? Britney Spears, at almost 40 years old, is being held against her will in a permanent conservatorship, which means she cannot make financial or personal decisions without approval and oversight from a conservator, who until late 2019 was her father, Jamie Spears. In her most recent, heartbreaking testimony, Britney has revealed that she can not even be married or have children, and is forced to keep on birth control so she will not become pregnant. 

During the 13 years of her conservatorship, she has toured the world four times, released four albums, had a four-year residency in Las Vegas, and worked on a variety of television shows.

The story is compelling and filled with fascinating information, but has been shortened. You can see the full timeline here

Scroll down for a better look at the conspiracy, but prepare yourself. It's a doozy.