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There are a lot of movies that inspire fans to write theories, whether they be in-depth or just for fun. From unanswered questions to character quirks, so many have dived into giving thoughts and opinions. More than a few passionate fans managed to come up with some truly unhinged theories surrounding well-known movies.

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    Kevin McCallister Grows Up To Become Jigsaw

    From Redditor u/bloodscourge:

    Kevin McCallister is the subject of ridicule and bullying in his household, and from his cousins. He is left alone not once, but twice, by his family.

    After the first time, his mother and father and family are all glad to see him, apologize, etc. But then they lose him again only a year or so later, in New York City no less. It is at this moment that Kevin comes to believe that humanity is, at its base, corrupt and that no one, not even one's own mother, can truly be trusted to be "good."

    Each time Kevin's abode (his real home, or the one he sets up in in New York) is invaded by the Wet Bandits, he sets up extensive, tortuous, and sometimes even lethal traps. Rather than run and hide, Kevin prefers to stand his ground and even seems, at some points, to revel in the pain and torment of two men who are, essentially, non-violent and unarmed.

    Kevin's expertise in setting up death traps with a wide array of materials, quickly, and in myriad places becomes both his modus operandi and his signature as the Jigsaw killer.

    Consider, as well, Jigsaw's taunt. "I want to play a game..." The word he uses to describe possible death, "game," is indicative of a stunted development from childhood into adulthood. Kevin's double instances of abandonment has marred him and robbed him of his childhood, and while I wouldn't say he is completely a child, it is undeniable that Jigsaw has child-like impulses.

    As I mentioned, in the first film, you could of course argue that Kevin is merely protecting himself, and his house and neighbourhood. He saves the day, the Wet Bandits are arrested, etc. But in the second film, Kevin intervenes when the Bandits are robbing the thrift store, and leads them on a chase to his uncle's house, where there are a variety of death traps (including electrocution) that await them.

    Jigsaw killed people who he felt were "wasting their lives." The Wet Bandits seem to have served their time, but are back to old habits. Kevin, in Home Alone 2, when we might say he is beginning to fully come into his Jigsaw identity, in essence "punishes" Harry and Marv for their recidivism.

    Kevin's penchant for talking to himself at great length, his inability to connect with other children (his family sees him as "weird" and he doesn't interact with any other children in either movies for any significant length of time) also point to a damaged child who might, given particular circumstances, descend into madness and violence.

    Consider, as well, Kevin's choice of film. A 10 year old might check out softcore pornography or cartoons or South Park, but Kevin instead watches film noir, a genre that includes over the top violence, vulgarity, anti-heroes, and social deviants.

    Kevin's intellect is also bolstered by his charm, and many serial killers and sociopaths, real and in fiction, are charming (Bundy, Dexter Morgan, etc.) "But he seemed so normal!" Kevin also embodies this, as demonstrated by his various interactions with adults. He is able to con himself into a room at an expensive hotel in New York on Christmas Eve by committing credit card fraud.

    The desk clerk, the concierge, the bellhop, Mr. Duncan the toyshop owner—these adults, when they confront Kevin, are made to doubt themselves. Kevin manipulates them offhandedly and unnecessarily, which demonstrates a grandiose ego and a startling lack of empathy for others.

    On one level, sure. He's scared, he's alone. His lying is self-preservation, on some level. But Kevin slides into the whole situation with a frightening ease. He doesn't hide in the hotel and try to find his parents, he orders an entire pizza and rides in a limousine and eats sundaes. He doesn't even really seem interested in finding them for most of the movie.

    So, in summary (tl;dr), what we have in Home Alone & Home Alone 2 is the descent of a troubled, but kind-hearted kid into psychopathy and violence. The young man known as Kevin McCallister makes it his personal mission to torture or "punish" people for their transgressions, just as he did with the Wet Bandits in Home Alone 2. He becomes the Jigsaw killer.

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    'Dude Where's My Car' Is A 'Men In Black' Side Story

    From Redditor u/Beneficial-Piano9756:

    Consider this, Dude Where's My Car is about 2 bumbling idiots Chester and Jesse who don't remember a thing about the previous night. What if Jay and Kay that night attempted to defeat the super hot giant alien and failed then Chester and Jesse being the witnesses of this incident had there memories wiped by a Neuralyzer the super hot giant alien stole from the men in black. The nordic men are actually members of the men in black to fill in for Jay and Kay after they failed. If any of you can find any more evidence please leave it in the comments down below.

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    Monstropolis Once Used The Blood Of Children As An Energy Source

    Monstropolis Once Used The Blood Of Children As An Energy Source
    Photo: Monsters, Inc / Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

    From Redditor u/curlyquirkycolorful:

    TLDR; before transitioning to "clean" scream energy, Monstropolis as a society used "dirtier" energy in the form of the blood of children. By the end of the movie they have progressed away from "cleaner" energy in screams toward using the cleanest & most renewable energy of all - children's laughter.

    Six minutes into Monster’s Inc., a commercial for Monsters Incorporated plays on Sully’s TV while he and Mike are working out and we hear the following quote at about the 6:12 timestamp.

    “Carefully matching every child to their ideal monster, to produce superior screams, refined into clean, dependable energy.”

    If the concept of "clean" energy exists in this world and they find the need to point it out in their advertising, logic would dictate that a different, theoretically "dirtier" form of energy was harvested and utilized to power Monstropolis before children's screams.

    Something literally dirtier and non-renewable that the monsters have moved away from as a society - the blood of children.

    Since we categorize the forms of energy we use, this ranking would equate to their world as well.

    Crude oil, petroleum, & coal being dirty, finite, dangerous are environmentally the worst and least renewable form of energy humans utilize, so the equivalent in Monstropolis would be the blood of children. Therefore, as a society, the monsters would have likely moved away from it after discovering that scream energy was cleaner in the same way we're moving (albeit too slowly, especially in the U.S.) toward other, cleaner energy sources.

    Natural gas, while not actually being clean in regards to how it's harvested it is considered cleaner when it comes to its emissions and is often referred to as such. So, this would be the equivalent of scream energy, as it's a cleaner, but still not great.

    Wind, solar, bioenergy, geothermal, etc. are all the cleanest energy in terms of emissions, environmental impact upon usage, and methods of collection. Since it doesn't involve death or childhood trauma, this would equate to harnessing children's laughter as a resource.

    I did some research before crafting this post to see if this theory was posted previously, but didn't find anything quite like it. It seems my brain on legally recreational substances came up with something unique here.

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    Smee Has A Crippling Sex Addiction

    Smee Has A Crippling Sex Addiction
    Photo: Hook / TriStar Pictures

    From Redditor u/_Abe_Froman_SKOC:

    When Peter (Robin Williams) wakes up in Neverland, he is in the pirate village. We follow a scene where Smee (Bob Hoskins), Captain Hooks second in command and right hand man, is seen picking up Hook's hook and carrying it back to the ship.

    When Smee passes by the brothel, all of the ladies call for him excitedly.

    As Captain Hook's closest compatriot, it stands to reason that Smee receives not just a higher than standard compensation, but has access to all of Hook's gold and other plunderings. Smee even eats with the Captain off of the same table. Yet Smee is dressed just as sloppy and dirty as the rest of the crew.

    Smee is spending every last gold coin he gets to spend time with ladies of ill repute.

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    Bella Swan Is A Succubus

    Bella Swan Is A Succubus
    Photo: Twilight / Summit Entertainment

    From Redditor u/-Graff-:

    Bella is the mythological creature, the succubus.

    From the beginning of the series, Bella is shown to be a very unique person. To begin with, she apparently has an incredibly delicious scent to Vampires, more than anyone else encountered in the series. Her attractiveness extends not only to vampires, however, as she often is shown to be incredibly adored by the Werewolves of the series, as well as many of the people around Forks. In fact, she seems to be absolutely loved from the moment she enters her new school, despite being described as rather average.

    While much of this could be explained away as coincidence (despite the fact that all of the events of the series seem to center around her somehow), she also exhibits a somehow magical quality: Edward is unable to read her mind, for reasons that (as far as I am aware) are never explained. This seems to hint that Bella may have some magical qualities which humans don't have.

    Lastly, it seems that these qualities that she exhibits are at least partially genetic, as the instant she has her daughter, Jacob imprints on her, despite her being an infant.

    All of these factors seem to indicate that Bella may be a succubus.

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    James Bond Is Secretly A Monster Hunter

    James Bond Is Secretly A Monster Hunter
    Photo: Casino Royale / Sony Pictures Releasing

    From Redditor u/Poorly-Drawn-Beagle:

    Let's examine this passage from the novel Live and Let Die, describing the book's main villain, Mr. Big:

    "He was known to have originated an underground Voodoo temple in Harlem... The rumour had started that he was the Zombie or living corpse of Baron Samedi himself, the dreaded Prince of Darkness, and he fostered the story..."

    Okay, interesting, he tries to trick people into thinking he's some kind of zombie-

    "Bond at once realized that the photographs had conveyed nothing of this man... The skin was grey-black, taut and shining like the face of a week-old corpse in the river. It was hairless, except for some grey-brown fluff above the ears... [his eyes] bulged slightly and the irises were golden round black pupils which were now wide..."

    Okay, that's a zombie right there. He has a corpselike pallor and glowing golden supernatural eyes. No question about it, Mr. Big is 100% a zombie. But it doesn't stop there. Let's continue on to the next book, Moonraker, and its villain Hugo Drax.

    "Drax gave the impression of being a little larger than life. He was physically big-about six foot tall, Bond guessed-and his shoulders were exceptionally broad... Drax had grown a bushy reddish moustache and had allowed his whiskers to grow down to the level of the lobes of his ears. He also had patches of hair ‘on his cheek-bones... It helped to hide a naturally prognathous upper jaw and a marked protrusion of the upper row of teeth..."

    He's really furry and has freaky monster teeth. That's a werewolf. And in the subsequent "From Russia With Love" the villain Red Grant is noted to have homicidal impulses during the full moon. So anyone who's watched, like, any movie ever, must realize he's a werewolf too.

    And here's a bit describing Auric Goldfinger: "It was as if Goldfinger had been put together with bits of other people's bodies. Nothing seemed to belong"- okay, so Goldfinger's a Frankenstein's monster type thing.

    All these cannot be simple coincidences. Clearly at some point the Soviets and other enemies of Britain and NATO began recruiting Groovy Ghoulies in their fight against democracy and MI6 trained James Bond to fight them. Since this information couldn't be revealed to the public the books had to suppress this information so that only those of us in the know would understand what was going on.

    You Only Live Twice? I'll just bet you do, thanks to the unholy dark powers of the supernatural.