unspeakable crimes The Secret Egotistical Reason Ted Bundy Loved Murdering Women  

Mick Jacobs

Even if you're a true crime fanatic, the video below contains some unusual details you have to see to believe. Ted Bundy killed at least three dozen people. Authorities suspect, however, his actual tally may be much higher, closer to the realm of 100 victims. To these numerous victims, Bundy did all sorts of awful things.

Bundy used his charms and good looks to get closer to his victims. Even after he was arrested and his crimes were made known, those who spoke to Bundy recall him as quite pleasant and easy to be around.

This undoubtedly played into Bundy's own ego about himself and his crimes. For Bundy, the act of killing fulfilled him in ways that made him feel powerful and controlled.

These feelings of dominance, superiority, and power only encouraged Bundy to murder with impunity throughout the '70s. Even from behind bars, Bundy still attempted to exert his willpower over others, almost using it to block his own execution. For more details about Bundy's compulsion and psyhological profile, simply play the video below.