Weird Nature Dad Shows How Much Of A Slob His French Bulldog Is In Hilarious Video  

Mick Jacobs

As much as you love your pet, you know they're also capable of making some terrible messes. In the video below, one tiny little pooch shows the rest of the canine world how to make a huge mess.

Barnie, a French Bulldog, may appear tiny, but he still manages to leave a rather large path of destruction in his wake. He drools like a Newfoundland for one thing, and he definitely enjoys chewing on teddy bears.

His owner, David, just accepts Barnie's messiness for what it is, only giving the French Bulldog a bit of grief before (probably) giving the little guy a treat for being so darn cute.

Many other owners would lose their patience with such a rowdy little guy, but Barnie's owner apparently isn't like other owners. Get a peak into Barnie's life by watching the video below.