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A Day In The Life Of William And Kate

Anybody would jump at the chance to live a day in the life of William and Kate. On April 29, 2011, the world watched in wonder as the strikingly charming Kate Middleton married Prince William. William and Kate instantly became one of the most famous married couples in the world. It can seem like headline news every time one of them coughs, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, as they're now known, have to deal with the fact that every aspect of a British royal's daily life is under a microscope.

Just what is a typical day for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Is it all just waving and posing for staged photos? Is the royal life really the dream we all think it is?

  • Breakfast Is Probably Homemade And Healthy


    Despite having plenty of people who could cook for her, the Duchess still enjoys cooking for herself. After experiencing severe food aversion and morning sickness while pregnant, Middleton turned to a hearty diet of avocados, berries and oatmeal as well as hypnotherapy to combat her symptoms. After when appetite returns, she still focuses on healthy foods and even eats raw when the mood hits.

    Middleton has a variety of family recipes on hand that she's more than happy to whip up when hosting or just with her kids. If the family is all there, she also makes sure that they share meals together around the kitchen table.

  • They Make Sure Their Kids Get To School On Time


    Though it can be a handful getting three kids ready in the morning, William and Kate make sure Prince George and Princess Charlotte make it to school each day. The Duke of Cambridge walks George to school at Thomas's Battersea every day even when the young prince doesn't feel like it. Charlotte started attending the private Willcocks Nursery School in January 2018, and, like any proud parent, the Duchess made sure to thoroughly document her first day.

  • Kate Goes Shopping


    While many might assume royalty means lounging around in ball gowns and jewels, that look actually isn't very practical for everyday life. And just because you’re a member of the actual royal family, it doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a satisfying day of shopping. Kate is known to do her own shopping at Lululemon in Chelsea and has been spotted wearing off-the-rack outfits from Zara and other places well within a commoner's budget.

  • William Enjoys Listening To The Radio


    He might be a dad, but William still listens to cool music on Radio 1, presumably to keep up with what the kids are into these days. The Duke of Cambridge likes to feel like a regular Joe, so he sometimes texts song requests into BBC radio shows under a fake name to get shout outs. He wouldn't reveal the pseudonym he uses, though. Here's hoping he keeps the habit going long enough his kids to be embarrassed by it.