A Definitive Ranking of Rappers as Actors

Prepare to be part of the most epic rap battle ever. Thanks to the team at Complex, we now finally have a definitive ranking of rappers as actors, decided on by lovers of entertainment like you! This list of rappers-turned-actors and hip hop stars who can act features everyone from recording artist Mark Whalberg to that lauded thespian, Ludacris. Some of these rap stars got their start in acting before finding a home behind the mic, while others became famous movie stars after an entire career making music. Did you know Idris Elba recorded a four-song EP and co-produced one of Jay-Z’s albums? Or that Mos Def starred in a Tony-nominated Broadway play?

Now it's time for you to be the judge: which rappers should have stuck to their day job? Which ones stand out on screen? And which ones should probably consider doing something else altogether? (We’re looking at you, Vanilla Ice.)

Vote up the best acting rappers in the game, and vote down the musicians you never want to see on camera ever again. In this rap battle, only the most dramatic will win.

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