Total Nerd This Horrifying Rugrats Theory Actually Makes A Lot Of Sense  

Mick Jacobs

When watching a show like Rugrats, most viewers tune in for the playful characters and straightforward stories, not necessarily for disturbing subtexts. But if you enjoy scrutinizing kids shows for ominous underlying themes, this video is just for you.

If asked to describe Rugrats, you would probably say it follows a group of babies and the antics they get into. Since it is also perceived through their infant eyes, Rugrats looks on the surface to be a straightforward yet enjoyable show perfect for young kids.

Whoever wrote this Rugrats theory describes a show worlds away from the playpens and Reptar bars everyone tends to recall. In other words, Rugrats may actually not be for kids, at least if you believe this theory holds merit.

Should it be true, this might not be a show for many adults, at least those who don't like super sad stories. Watch the video below, and afterwards check if you still see Rugrats the same way.