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A Kind of Murder movie quotes narrate the twists and turns of the psychological thriller about a man who wishes his wife dead right before she turns up actually dead. Andy Goddard directed the film which Susan Boyd adapted into a screenplay from the book The Blunderer by Patricia Highsmith. A Kind of Murder opened theatrically in the United States on December 16, 2016.

In A Kind of Murder, successful architect Walter Stackhouse (Patrick Wilson) and beautiful wife Clara (Jessica Biel) host a party in their home. Clara takes note of a particular guest, Ellie (Haley Bennett), someone Walter thought nothing of. But when Ellie arrives back at their home while Clara is away, Walter begins a romantic affair with her. Suspicious, Clara follows Walter one night and catches him with Ellie.

Some time later, Walter receives a phone call informing him of Clara's death. While Walter was unhappy in his marriage and wished that Clara would disappear, he proclaims his innocence in Clara's death. But Walter's behavior strikes a chord with Detective Lawrence Corby (Vincent Kartheiser), Ellie and others around him making Walter the prime suspect in Clara's death.

A Kind of Murder movie quotes give a peek into the film just as quotes from movies released around the same time do including for Collateral Beauty, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Miss Sloane, and Office Christmas Party.


Who Was the Girl

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Ellie: So this is the good life
Walter: Yeah
Ellie: Here I was thinking you were just a straight up architect.
Walter: Oh no, there's nothing straight up about me.
Clara: Who was the girl Martha brought?
Walter: Oh, I don't know. I don't care.

After Walter and Clara host a party at their home, Clara wonders about the blonde Walter was talking to. Walter doesn't seem to concerned about her, but as you could guess from these A Kind of Murder movie quotes, Clara is quite concerned.

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I Did Not Kill Clara!

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Ellie: Just look at me and swear to me you didn't do anything. 
Walter: I may have thought about it but...
Ellie: I can't get something you said out of my mind. "I have this fantasy she's no longer there."
Walter: I did not kill Clara!

Ellie and Walter argue about Clara's death in these heated A Kind of Murder movie quotes. She cannot shake that he talked about Clara disappearing, right before she ended up dead.

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What's the Difference is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list A Kind of Murder Movie Quotes
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What's the Difference

Walter: What's the difference between wishing someone dead and actually doing something about it?
Jon: One hell of a difference

In speaking to his coworker Jon in a bar, Walter thinks aloud about the difference between wanting someone dead and killing them. While Walter doesn't see much of a difference, for Jon, it's night and day.

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I Saw You

Clara: I followed you from the office. I saw you with your whore... That's right! Go to her! Get out!

The s#!^ hits the fan when Clara confronts Walter about his affair with Ellie in this A Kind of Murder movie quote. She followed him one night and saw for herself what they were doing, which leaves Walter no out to deny it.

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