History List Of Boshin War Battles

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List of every major Boshin War battle, including photos, images, or maps of the most famous Boshin War battles when available. While it is not a comprehensive list of all skirmishes, conflicts, or battles that took place in the Boshin War, we have tried to include as many military events and actions as possible. All the battles on this Boshin War list are currently listed alphabetically, but if you want to find a specific battle you can search for it by using the "search". Information about these Boshin War battles are included below as well, such as their specific locations and who was involved in the fight.

Battles include everything from Battle of Amanus Pass to Battle of Hakodate.
Battle of Aizu is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list List Of Boshin War Battles
Photo: Freebase/Public domain

The Battle of Aizu was fought in northern Japan in autumn 1868, and was part of the Boshin War. Aizu was known for its martial skill, and maintained at any given time, a standing army of over 5000. It was often deployed to security operations on the northern fringes of the country, as far north as southern Sakhalin. Also, in the period immediately before, during, and after Commodore Perry's arrival, Aizu had a presence in security operations around Edo Bay. During the tenure of the 9th generation lord Matsudaira Katamori, the domain deployed massive amounts of their troops to Kyoto, where Katamori served as Kyoto Shugoshoku. Earning the hatred of the Chōshū domain, and alienating his ally, ...more on Wikipedia

Locations: Aizu

Part of: Boshin War

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Battle of Amanus Pass

The Battle of Amanus Pass took place in 39BC at Belen Pass, after the Parthian defeat in the battle of the Cilician Gates. The Parthians, alarmed after their recent defeats by the forces of Publius Ventidius Bassus, began to concentrate their forces in northern Syria under the command of one of Parthia's best generals, Pharnapates. ...more on Wikipedia

Locations: Belen Pass, Turkey

Part of: Boshin War, Roman–Persian Wars

Battle of Hakodate is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list List Of Boshin War Battles
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The Battle of Hakodate was fought in Japan from December 4, 1868 to June 27, 1869, between the remnants of the Tokugawa shogunate army, consolidated into the armed forces of the rebel Ezo Republic, and the armies of the newly formed Imperial government. It was the last stage of the Boshin War, and occurred around Hakodate in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaidō. In Japanese, it is also known as the Battle of the Goryokaku According to the Japanese calendar, the Battle of Hakodate was fought from Meiji-1 year, 10-month, 21-day until Meiji-2 year, 5-month 18-day. ...more on Wikipedia

Locations: Hokkaido, Japan

Part of: Boshin War

Combatants: Empire of Japan

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Battle of Hokuetsu

The Battle of Hokuetsu was a battle of the Boshin War of the Meiji restoration, which occurred in 1868 in the northwestern part of Japan, in the area of modern Niigata Prefecture. ...more on Wikipedia

Locations: Echigo Province

Part of: Boshin War