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Though the people support the government; the government should not support the people. Grover Cleveland

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It is a condition which confronts usnot a theory. Grover Cleveland

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The United States is not a nation to which peace is a necessity. Grover Cleveland

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I believe that the public temper is such that the voters of the land are prepared to support the party which gives the best promise of administering the government in the honest, simple, and plain manner which is consistent with its character and purposes. They have learned that mystery and concealment in the management of their affairs cover tricks and betrayal. The statesmanship they require consists in honesty and frugality, a prompt response to the needs of the people as they arise, and a vigilant protection of all their varied interests. Grover Cleveland

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Honor lies in honest toil. Grover Cleveland

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Loyalty to the principles upon which our Government rests positively demands that the equality before the law which it guarantees to every citizen should be justly and in good faith conceded in all parts of the land. Grover Cleveland

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Your every voter, as surely as your chief magistrate, exercises a public trust. Grover Cleveland

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And still the question, What shall be done with our ex-Presidents? is not laid at rest; and I sometimes think Wattersons solution of it, Take them out and shoot them, is worthy of attention. Grover Cleveland

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The trusts and combinationsthe communism of pelfwhose machinations have prevented us from reaching the success we deserved, should not be forgotten nor forgiven. Grover Cleveland

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The ship of Democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those aboard. Grover Cleveland

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But he who takes the oath today to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States only assumes the solemn obligation which every patriotic citizen--on the farm, in the workshop, in the busy marts of trade, and everywhere--should share with him. Grover Cleveland

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It is the duty of those serving the people in public place closely to limit public expenditures to the actual needs of the government economically administered, because this bounds the right of the government to extract tribute from the earnings of labor or the property of the citizen, and because public extravagance begets extravagance among the people. We should never be ashamed of the simplicity and prudential economies which are best suited to the operation of a republican form of government and most compatible with the mission of the American people. Those who are selected for a limited time to manage public affairs are still of the people, and may do much by their example to encourage, consistently with the dignity of their official functions, that plain way of life which among their fellow-citizens aids integrity and promotes thrift and prosperity. Grover Cleveland

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The lessons of paternalism ought to be unlearned and the better lesson taught that while the people should patriotically and cheerfully support their Government its functions do not include the support of the people. Grover Cleveland

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boldface7 added A Man Who Is Not Praying, Is Not a Praying Man

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The strong man who in the confidence of sturdy health courts the sternest activities of life and rejoices in the hardihood of constant labor may still have lurking near his vitals the unheeded disease that dooms him to sudden collapse. Grover Cleveland

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There is no calamity which a great nation can invite which equals that which follows a supine submission to wrong and injustice and the consequent loss of national self-respect and honor, beneath which are shielded and defended a people's safety and greatness. Grover Cleveland

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...the best results in the operation of a government wherein every citizen has a share largely depend upon a proper limitation of purely partisan zeal and effort and a correct appreciation of the time when the heat of the partisan should be merged in the patriotism of the citizen. Grover Cleveland