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The Best Janet Morris Quotes 

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Life to you, and everlasting glory. Janet Morris
"Grab reality by the balls and squeeze." Janet Morris
"Always take responsibility for your past. It is your only collateral in life. Unless you despise yourself now, you cannot despise yourself then. Everything you did is a part of the process that brought you here. All your past is as alive and real as your so-called 'present.'" Janet Morris
‎"Old enough to kill means old enough to die," Janet Morris, Chris Morris
"When you give death, you give of your own life -- every time." Janet Morris
The gods gave us horses so we wouldn't have to fight on foot." Janet Morris, Chris Morris
"It's all the same -- no good without evil, no maat. If we lose one, we lose the other. It's just life, that's all." Janet Morris
Wars don’t bring lasting peace, only lasting death. Janet Morris, Chris Morris
Life to you, Riddler, and everlasting glory. Janet Morris
"Wanting neither too much to live, nor too much to die." Janet Morris, Chris Morris
"Learn what can, and cannot, be asked from destiny.” Janet Morris
"Men are fools who forget what really matters while time goes by. " Janet Morris
In every age he had ever studied, doomsayers abounded. No millennium is attractive to the man immured in it; enough prophecies have been made in antiquity that one who desires, in any age, to take the position that apocalypse is at hand can easily defend it. He would not join that dour order; he would not worry about anything but Tempus, and the matter awaiting his attention. Janet Morris
“It’s all right. Things as they once were will never be again, but it’s all right.” Janet Morris
"What we hold sacred is honor, justice, and glory. You need not swear allegiance to our storm god, to serve with us. Fighters are among us from many lands, with many gods and many beliefs. Believe as you will. What is between a man and his god is theirs alone to say." Janet Morris, Chris Morris
Just breathe. Janet Morris
"To fight on other days. To carry on." Janet Morris
“Use him wisely. Few have been given such a weapon by the gods or Fates before.” Janet Morris
Everyone prepares for battle in his own way. Janet Morris
Men live, and then they die. It is the quality of the process of living which matters, that and that alone. Janet Morris
“I see all sorts of things when I’m clearing my pipes.” Janet Morris, Chris Morris
Go carefully, child of maat, where no mercy can be had, and let your faith lead you on." Janet Morris, Chris Morris
"Strife brings all things into being on her battlefield. This I know. I have been there many times,” says Vashanka, lord of sack and pillage. “I have died before.” Janet Morris
Fight for life itself and everlasting freedom of the human spirit. Janet Morris
Tempus wanders eternally, bringing death to whomever loves him and being spurned by whomsoever he shall love. Janet Morris