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If you commit a crime, you're guilty. Rush Limbaugh

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No nation ever taxed itself into prosperity. Rush Limbaugh

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If Thomas Jefferson thought taxation without representation was bad, he should see how it is with representation. Rush Limbaugh

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Compassion is no substitute for justice. Rush Limbaugh

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Poverty is not the root cause of crime. Rush Limbaugh

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The Los Angeles riots were not caused by the Rodney King verdict. The Los Angeles riots were caused by rioters. Rush Limbaugh

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Character matters; leadership descends from character. Rush Limbaugh

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I have found it to be true that the older I've become the better my life has become. Rush Limbaugh

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You could afford your house without the government if it weren't for the government. Rush Limbaugh

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Did you know that the White House drug test is multiple choice? Rush Limbaugh