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To plunder, to slaughter, to steal, these things they misname empire; and where they make a wilderness, they call it peace. Tacitus

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Things are not to be judged good or bad merely because the public think so. Tacitus

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The more corrupt the state, the more laws. Tacitus

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If we must fall, we should boldly meet the danger. Tacitus

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Forbidden things have a secret charm. Tacitus

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In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous. Tacitus

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The brave and bold persist even against fortune; the timid and cowardly rush to despair though fear alone. Tacitus

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In all things there is a law of cycles. Tacitus

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The love of fame is the last weakness which even the wise resign. Tacitus

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Seek to make a person blush for their guilt rather than shed their blood. Tacitus

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michaelj72 added Crime, once exposed, has no refuge but in audacity.

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A shocking crime was committed on the unscrupulous initiative of few individuals, with the blessing of more, and amid the passive acquiescence of all. Tacitus

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The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise. Tacitus

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It is a weakness of your human nature to hate those whom you have wronged. Tacitus

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They make a wilderness and call it peace. Tacitus

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Even the bravest men are frightened by sudden terrors. Tacitus

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Reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader. Tacitus

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So, as you go into battle, remember your ancestors and remember your descendants. Tacitus

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Simon Cundy added Men are more ready to repay an injury than a benefit, because gratitude is a burden and revenge a pleasure

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Posterity will pay everyone their due. Tacitus

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Things forbidden have a secret charm. Tacitus

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When a woman has lost her chastity she will shrink from nothing. Tacitus

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Many who seem to be struggling with adversity are happy; many, amid great affluence, are utterly miserable. Tacitus

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michaelj72 added Lust of power is the most flagrant of all the passions.

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michaelj72 added You might believe a good man easily, a great man with pleasure.

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All bodies are slow in growth but rapid in decay. Tacitus

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All things atrocious and shameless flock from all parts to Rome. Tacitus

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No one would have doubted his ability to reign had he never been emperor. Tacitus

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The repose of nations cannot be secure without arms. Armies cannot be maintained without pay, nor can the pay be produced without taxes. Tacitus

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Abuse if you slight it, will gradually die away; but if you show yourself irritated, you will be thought to have deserved it. Tacitus

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The hatred of relatives is the most violent. Tacitus

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Posterity gives every man his true value. Tacitus

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michaelj72 added Fear is not in the habit of speaking truth; when perfect sincerity is expected, perfect freedom must be allowed; nor has anyone who is apt to be angry when he hears the truth any cause to wonder that he does not hear it.

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michaelj72 added It is the rare fortune of these days that one may think what one likes and say what one thinks.

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michaelj72 added Many who seem to be struggling with adversity are happy; many amid great affluence are utterly miserable.

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Greater things are believed of those who are absent. Tacitus

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It is less difficult to bear misfortunes than to remain uncorrupted by pleasure. Tacitus

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Valor is of no service, chance rules all, and the bravest often fall by the hands of cowards. Tacitus

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Candor and generosity, unless tempered by due moderation, leads to ruin. Tacitus

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We see many who are struggling against adversity who are happy, and more although abounding in wealth, who are wretched. Tacitus

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Custom adapts itself to expediency. Tacitus

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Old things are always in good repute, present things in disfavor. Tacitus

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All enterprises that are entered into with indiscreet zeal may be pursued with great vigor at first, but are sure to collapse in the end. Tacitus

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Those in supreme power always suspect and hate their next heir. Tacitus

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michaelj72 added In seasons of tumult and discord bad men have the most power; mental and moral excellence require peace and quietness.

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As for myself, may the sweet Muses, as Virgil says, bear me away to their holy places where sacred streams do flow, beyond the reach of anxiety and care, and free from the obligation of performing each day some task that goes against the grain. May I no longer have anything to do with the mad racket and the hazards of the forum, or tremble as I try a fall with white-faced Fame. I do not want to be roused from sleep by the clatter of morning callers or by some breathless messenger from the palace; I do not care, in drawing my will, to give a money-pledge for its safe execution through anxiety as to what is to happen afterwards; I wish for no larger estate than I can leave to the heir of my own free choice. Some day or other the last hour will strike also for me, and my prayer is that my effigy may be set up beside my grave, not grim and scowling, but all smiles and garlands, and that no one shall seek to honour my memory either by a motion in the senate or by a petition to the Emperor. Tacitus

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michaelj72 added When monarchs through their bloodthirsty commanders lay waste a country, they dignify their atrocity by calling it making peace.

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Noble character is best appreciated in those ages in which it can most readily develop. Tacitus

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Prosperity is the measure or touchstone of virtue, for it is less difficult to bear misfortune than to remain uncorrupted by pleasure. Tacitus