A Local Reporter Had The Perfect Name For Covering The UK Fuel Shortage And Twitter Users Went Off

Serendipity is a wonderful thing. Every now and again, the forces of the universe align to give us a truly beautiful moment of comedy on the internet. The ballad of Phil McCann that took place on Twitter last week is another example of those perfectly memeable internet moments.

  • Let's Start At The Beginning - Recently, The UK's Been Experiencing A Bit Of A Fuel Shortage Problem


  • So The BBC Sent Reporter Phil McCann To A Petrol Station In Stockport To Report On The Fuel Shortage


  • But Twitter Users Quickly Realized Just How Perfect Phil Was For The Job


  • Phil Was Quickly Enshrined Amongst The Great Local News Lower-Third Name Graphics


  • And From There, The Floodgates Were Open With Replies Of Other Iconic TV News Chyrons Like This Unfortunately-Named Judge


  • This Man Who Was Born To Be A Construction Worker