Must Watch: This Post-Apocalyptic Version Of Charlie Brown Will Destroy Your Childhood Innocence 

Kellie Kreiss
Updated October 31, 2017 157.6k views

Sure, Peanuts has always been a cute cartoon with a somewhat depressing overtone - but a playful tribute to the strip called Weapon Brown takes these beloved characters to new heights that might just surprise and trouble you.

Charles M. Shulz's beloved strip and the popular animated adaptations capture a distinctly American sense of childhood. It's fitting, then, that this version reimagines Peanuts in a context that contemporary American's can't get enough of, dropping Charlie Brown and the gang into a post-aspocalyptic nightmare.

Lucy has taken on a crazy persona bent on making Charlie's life hell, while Linus has fallen victim to radiation from a nuclear explosion - and you don't even want to know what his blanket can now do.

The storylines are full of cybernetic arms, mad scientists, and even whore houses and mutant animals.

So just where do all of your favorite Charlie Brown characters fit in? Watch the video below to get all the deets.