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14 Behind-The-Scenes Stories From 'A Quiet Place' That You've Never Heard Of

These A Quiet Place behind-the-scenes stories tell the tale of a film that on paper should not have been a hit. Prior to the surprise box-office smash, newbie director John Krasinski was still widely known as Jim Halpert from The Office. Yet, A Quiet Place made an astonishing $340 million worldwide on just a $17 million budget.

A Quiet Place tells the post-apocalyptic story of evolved alien creatures who somehow land on Earth. They cannot see, but do have exceptional hearing. A Quiet Place’s high-concept premise is simple: If you make a sound, you die. 

The plot makes for an extremely quiet movie. Packed theaters became so quiet that spectators were scared to munch on their popcorn. Coughs were muffled. In fact, audiences barely moved in fear of making a peep. 

A Quiet Place has plenty of terrifying behind-the-scenes stories that you've probably never heard of.